Written by Proton Chain News Staff

On April 29, 2020

The Proton Mainnet has launched!

Today, on April 29th 2020, we’re excited to announce the successful launch of the Proton Mainnet. 15 validators, including the core “Proton Consortium” of Greymass, EOS Cafe, Metal, EOS USA, and CryptoLions, are now producing blocks on the new chain.

The blockchain can be examined in real time at https://proton.bloks.io. To create a new account, or send and receive tokens, please download the Lynx Wallet at http://lynxwallet.io.

This is an extremely significant technical release and a meaningful advancement towards our goal of merging the Lynx and Metal technologies into a unified “push to wallet” experience.

The XPR token is now live on the Proton Blockchain!

Using Lynx Wallet, you can now create Proton accounts, in addition to sending and receiving XPR tokens.

Airdrop to Existing Lynx Users

If you previously had a LynxChain account on the Lynx wallet, your Proton account was automatically created from the snapshot based on the key pair that was associated with your LynxChain account. 

If you didn’t claim the first installment via ERC-20 wrapped XPR, you will receive your first airdrop today. You will also receive 4 more airdrops every 2 months.

If you elected to get your first airdrop installment via the Proton Airdrop dApp on Lynx wallet, then you will receive your second airdrop installment today. You will receive 3 more airdrops every 2 months.

Planned Metal X Integration

Metal X is currently trading as an Ethereum Wrapped Proton Token, as are other exchanges. We are working to build in native XPR support on Metal X and an ability to send XPR back and forth between Metal Pay 3.0 and Metal X. Once this is achieved, you will be able to buy XPR on Metal X, and use it immediately on the Proton Blockchain.

Next Phase: Metal Pay 3.0 

From a consumer standpoint, the real excitement will come with the integration of the new chain into the Metal 3.0 Wallet with “Push to Authenticate and Sign” and Verified Identity using distributed identity providers. This technology has been demonstrated with the signing request demo and the follow up demo via push notification It replaces the desktop and mobile wallets with deep-linking “app stores” of Lynx and other first generation app technologies.

dApps and Payment Integrations

As mentioned, Proton represents a major departure from the way all cryptocurrency app ecosystems work with consumer wallets. Instead of a plugin or desktop with hard coded appstore, everything is done through authentication and push.<span
While we will release a few legacy apps on Lynx, we are working to build a universal signing API gateway that will be fully released with Metal Pay 3.0. This will replace the Lynx mobile and desktop clients.

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